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Ever thought you could earn while shopping? Join Exploruts’ team of international personal shoppers today! Everuts is here to help!

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What is Exploruts?

International Personal Shoppers can receive requests from customers in Hong Kong 24 hours a day through Everuts, anytime, anywhere, as well as set their prices freely. Everuts provides an online management system, logistical support, and customer service support to help you get started easily. Everuts, as an overseas purchasing platform under HKTV, not only provides its personal shoppers with a secure online management system but also offers reliable logistics and support to help you get started easily. Overseas? Whether you are a recent immigrant, an international student, or have moved years ago, as long as you like shopping, join us! Living in Hong Kong but always flying back and forth? Whether you are a flight attendant, steer, pilot, or a travelholic, we welcome you!

1,500,000 users

Partnered with over 100 global brands

In-house logistics team and overseas warehouses

Save on logistical time and costs

You decide what order to take

Exploruts have free reign on whether or not to accept orders, it’s all up to you!

Help others while helping yourself

If you’re buying something for yourself, you can help others buy it too and earn some money while doing so, fulfilling all 3 wishes at once. It’s up to you to decide your earnings, mark it up as much as you’d want to earn, you set the quote for the customer. By taking 3 hours of personal shopping requests, you can earn as much as HK$20,000!

Payment Security

We guarantee a secure payment portal and payment process with no worry of scams, missing payments, or chargebacks.

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Minimum Requirements

  • 18+ years old
  • Proficiency in Chinese
  • Proficiency in English is a plus

Required Documentation

  • Identification
  • Bank Account Details

Everuts requires the above information/proofs to authenticate all our personal shoppers and ensure that each of you can be paid successfully. Once everything has been approved, your account is ready to go! If we have any questions, we’ll reach out immediately.

Just a reminder

If you are a travelling personal shopper, please remember to select “HongKong” in the country/region field when applying for an account and when sending out orders.

By becoming a merchant on Everuts, the brand will get:

No account creation fees, no listing fees

  • There is no limit to the number of products on the shelves with the option to upload all your products.
  • Build a branded online store without a large cost.

Free online marketing promotions and media resources

  • Everuts continues to accumulate community influence and intensively launch online marketing plans to help merchants create a higher sales momentum.
  • Connect with friendly media, help merchants obtain various media exposure, build brand awareness, and make it easier for merchants to reach high-quality customer groups.
  • Big data accurately recommends products to their potential customers.

Are you ready?

Don’t hesitate to become an Exploruts Personal Shopper today!

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At the moment, more and more countries are becoming available for Exploruts to sign up for

As long as you are in the following areas, you’re welcome to join! Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Iceland, and many more to come!

You can Whatsapp or Email Contact us to learn more.