(Black Weekend) BODYLAB WHEY 100 | 1KG 丹麥品牌,本地製造🇩🇰最暢銷 THIS IS WHEY 100 Our ultimate bestseller is characterized by three things: It has a high content of protein, which is extracted from fresh milk, 0 grams of added sugar and a taste in a special class. 13 種豐富的好味道 終極巧克力、香草奶昔、草莓和白巧克力、覆盆子和乳酪、草莓奶昔、香草冰咖啡、桃子/橙子、鹹焦糖奶昔、巧克力、香蕉漩渦、餅乾和奶油、中性椰子和巧克力,和特別版Deluxe風味 Bodylab Whey 100 can be used by anyone who wants an extra supplement of protein. Bodylab Whey 100 is instantized and can be dissolved by stirring in water or milk. 價錢 HK$ 230-445 有Vegan選擇,歡迎查詢