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LululemonEveryday Backpack 2.0 23LHKD 815.37
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多款Lululemon背囊都有代購優惠價🫰🫰睇啱就直接click Payment link落單啦☺️ 1️⃣New Parent Backpack 17L ✍🏻1款顏色選擇:Black ❌香港官網售價:HK$1780 ✅Everuts賣價AU$263(約HKD1360) 2️⃣City Adventurer Backpack Mini 11L Fleece ✍🏻1款顏色選擇:White Opal ✅Everuts賣價AU$129(約HKD670) 3️⃣Dual Function Backpack to Tote Bag 18L ✍🏻1款顏色選擇:Black ✅Everuts賣價AU$119(約HKD615) 4️⃣City Adventurer Backpack Mini 11L ✍🏻2款顏色選擇:Gold and Black, White Opal ✅Everuts賣價AU$119(約HKD615) 5️⃣Everyday Backpack 2.0 23L ✍🏻1款顏色選擇:Black ❌香港官網售價:HK$880 ✅Everuts賣價AU$129(約HKD670) 6️⃣Everywhere Backpack 22L ✍🏻1款顏色選擇:Faded Zap ❌香港官網售價:HK$680 ✅Everuts賣價AU$109(約HKD565)